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About Us

What is MuchLearning?

MuchLearning evolved from our postsecondary product Muchlearning. Muchlearning, focused on delivering content and highstakes exams (finals) to postsecondary students, has the academic rigour and pedagogy necessary to serve the on line needs of universities and colleges.

MuchLearning uses the patented assessment engine to deliver tests that will quickly identify deficiencies in a learner's knowledge. This just in time training concept means the learner will efficiently identify areas of weakness. After learning the identified deficient areas, further testing will determine if the learner has grasped the concepts or needs to spend more time learning. Continuous testing ensures effective learning -- Just in time.

MuchLearning staff comprises scientists and technologists with a passion for innovation and improving the way we test, teach, learn and publish.

Our mission is to:

  • engage learners to learn more effectively
  • make more effective use of learners' time
  • increase authors' ability and speed to teach content
  • remove barriers and deliver more cost-effective courses

What is the MuchLearning online tool?

MuchLearning is a highly effective, easy-to-use educational platform for testing, learning and authoring. Its flexibility removes barriers to deliver courses online to students globally.

This proprietary platform is:

  • based on Web 2.0, browser-based technology
  • interactive, adaptive and flexible

It allows for active learning through:

  • feedback and testing
  • social interaction and peer support
  • a variety of content and approaches to content
  • a visually appealing, engaging interface

Built from the ground up, it supports:

  • browser-based authoring
  • collaborative version control
  • the ability to export to various formats, including HTML and PDF, and other online tools
  • real-time, as-you-type rendering of symbols

What's in it for authors?

Are you an expert in your field? Have you developed content and tests that will help others learn your area of expertise? MuchLearning is the fastest way for others to learn your material and demonstrate, through testing that they have fully grasped the concepts.

What's in it for students?

Is there something you want to learn quickly? How do you know what you don't know? Our approach to testing first and our patented approach to identify areas of deficiency means the quickest way for you to demonstrate competency in a given area.