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Testimonials from Institutions

My Calculus experience with MuchLearning

This being the first time that I used your book, I needed some time to get used to its structure, philosophy and features, but it was easier than I expected, because of the friendliness of both its design and of the support given by your organization.  The few times when I needed help in navigating either the content or the exercises, the help were there immediately and efficiently: it was like having your people in the office next door.  Based on this experience I will change a few of the sequencing decisions I made this time, but in the sense of more closely following the book's sequence, whose wisdom I can now appreciate fully.
The students found the content and its presentation challenging, but approachable and raved about the online TestMe feature, which allowed them to practice, review and discuss topics very efficiently.  On my part I found it extremely useful to create both quizzes and tests, thus saving me many hours of preparation work.  The selection of questions is very good and the possibility of adding to it through the online editor makes it even more flexible and adaptable to my needs.  I will be delighted to share my own questions with you so that other instructors may use them as well.
What I feared to be a weak point of the book, namely the absence of fancy pictures, proved to be unfounded, since students never complained about them, found the existing picture effective and was glad that the absence of such a feature kept both the size and the price of the book down.  The students were also quite impressed by the prompt assistance they received from your specialists: it was like having an additional tutor at no extra cost!
Here are some of my student’s comments:
"Study questions helped me most in learning"
"I love the full solutions, they ar ethe reason I am doing well"
"muchlearning.org website helped me most"
I am definitely going to re-adopt your book next year and I look forward to contributing what I can to an initiative that, on top of its other advantages, also accepts suggestions from its users!
Keep up the good work.

Roberto Bencivenga
Mathematics and Statistics Instructor, Science and Nursing
Red Deer College

MuchLearning at University of Texas at Dallas

The teaching & learning process is a form of a relationship where we must build mutual respect and trust. As an instructor I found that MuchLearning provides the communication tools necessary to be close to my students’ learning. I can monitor their progress and difficulties in the real time and therefore dynamically adapt my teaching style. One thing I’m certain is that with MuchLearning, I know technological and feature improvements in are taking place every moment. I have personally witnessed their dedication to innovation. I encourage everybody to use this teaching/learning/authoring platform: it is the best existing technology of this time. MuchLearning provides the best learning advantages for my students.

Dr. Wieslaw Krawcewicz, Department Head
Mathematical Sciences Department
The University of Texas at Dallas

MuchLearning at Mount Royal University

"I used MuchLearning in the Winter 2010 semester for engineering calculus. Initially, some of my students found the content and its presentation challenging, but approachable and engaging.
My students raved about the full step-by-step solutions. In many cases, MuchLearning provided alternate methods for solving the problems. Simply put, MuchLearning helped my students understand and learn math."

Mariya Svishchuk,PhD
Associate Professor,
Department of Mathematics, Physics and Engineering
Mount Royal University