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Step By Step Calculus - Overview

Offering: Step By Step Calculus

Titles: Step By Step Calculus, Single Variable Calculus Practice Galore, Calculus: Audible Lecture Series, eWorkbook

By Dr. Michael Kouritzin , Dr. Jack Macki , Dr. Shubhashis Ghosh , Dr. Jia Liu , Dr. Lee Keener

Try Pre-Calculus
Ideal for all students before taking their first calculus course.
Try Differential Calculus
Ideal for students willing to gain an edge in their first calculus course.
Try Integral Calculus
Ideal for students willing to gain an edge in their second calculus course.

Who should use "Step-By-Step Calculus"?

  • If you are in high school and plan to enroll in university engineering, science, or business, MuchLearning's "Step-By-Step Calculus" will prepare you for first-year calculus.
  • If you are in taking a first- or second-year calculus course, this MuchLearning book will give you the edge you need to succeed.

What should students know first?

MuchLearning's "Step-By-Step Calculus" is geared to overlap with high school, much like any well-taught first- and second-year university course. Therefore, to take full advantage of "Step-By-Step Calculus", you should be most of the way through high school or already enrolled in university.

Topics Covered

  • Review of numbers, inequalities, functions, analytic geometry; limits, continuity; derivatives and applications, Taylor polynomials; logarithms, exponents, and inverse trigonometric functions
  • Integration, fundamental theorem of calculus substitution, trapezoidal, Simpson's rules, area between curves, techniques of integration
  • Applications of integration to planar areas and lengths, volumes and masses
  • First order ordinary differential equations: separable, linear, direction fields, Euler's method, applications
  • Infinite series, power series, Taylor expansions with remainder terms
  • Polar coordinates
  • Rectangular, spherical and cylindrical coordinates in three-dimensional space
  • Parametric curves in the plane and space: graphing, arc length, curvature; normal binormal, tangent plane in three-dimensional space
  • Volumes and surface areas of rotation, partial differentiation, derivatives of integrals
  • Multiple integration using rectangular, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates
  • Vector Field Theory


Step By Step Calculus

ISBN: 978-0-9810756-5-5

By Dr. Michael Kouritzin , Dr. Jack Macki , Dr. Shubhashis Ghosh

Single Variable Calculus Practice Galore

ISBN: 978-0-9810756-6-2

By Dr. Michael Kouritzin , Dr. Jack Macki , Dr. Jia Liu , Dr. Shubhashis Ghosh

Calculus: Audible Lecture Series

By Dr. Jack Macki


By Dr. Lee Keener