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FAQ for Students

Frequently Asked Questions by Students

Who should use MuchLearning.org?

  • anyone who wants to get ahead or is currently taking calculus, probability and nursing statistics
  • students in Grade 12, first- or second-year university, especially those interested in engineering, science, susiness, or nursing

Will MuchLearning help me get an A?

Material and questions throughout this site are based on actual university lectures from high-calibre universities. We do not water the material down like many online services but rather help you reach the level that you will have to attain for university-level credit. We believe the best way to meet high standards is through practice and high-level instruction.

What is the advantage of using MuchLearning.org over reading a textbook?

We use learning techniques that are not possible or at least not common in textbooks. These techniques include:

Hierarchical Learning
We first give you the idea and facts about a concept in the synopsis, then we go into more detail in the lecture material. We then elaborate and allow you to dig in the text material and delve further on specific items in the solved problems. Finally, you can flush out possible misunderstandings in the self-tests.
Curiosity-based Learning
We pose problems and test students throughout the courses. We want them to ponder an idea and even be confused about a concept before it is fully explained. In this manner, students will better understand, appreciate and remember the concepts.
Adaptive Learning
Students learn in different ways and at different rates. They also have various backgrounds when joining our program. We provide an efficient approach that keeps the strongest students from getting bored, and we also have mechanisms to expand the material on the fly so that it becomes accessible to students with weaker backgrounds.
Celebrated Learning
We can log students' performance so they can see their improvement while subscribed to MuchLearning.org. We are also building mechanisms to celebrate improvement and achievement.
Interactive Links
We link the material to pre-requisite material to aid in recall and comprehension.

When should somebody start using MuchLearning?

As early as possible. The idea is to use MuchLearning to reduce the risk of problems with future university courses. To increase your chances of doing well in first-term calculus courses, you should start in Grade 12, during the summer between Grade 12 and university or, at least, at the beginning of the first-term course.

Why should I use MuchLearning?

Students generally struggle in first-year university courses. It is not true that they are a high-school "repeat" course.

For example, the combined dropout/failure rate for first-term engineering calculus at the most universities is between 20 and 25 per cent. Furthermore, most students who passed this first course paid a lot of money for tutors and still got a disappointing mark.

Introductory probability courses are considered difficult because students often lack the necessary math background. Moreover, the combined dropout/failure rate is between 15 and 20 per cent for each probability course taught to computer scientists at most universities.

This is not unusual. Still, calculus and probability are essential building blocks on which much theory is built.

How much does MuchLearning.org cost?

It costs absolutely NOTHING to sign up. All registered users are given a "Free Account" to work with. Download the PDF quick start guide here, sign up and explore our demo course.

For each title, additional online features can be unlocked by upgrading your account with a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum subscription. See the complete course catalogue for current and upcoming titles, and click on the appropriate titles for more detail on subscription features and pricing.

Which subscription level should I get?

If you can afford to order a cup of coffee once a week, you can afford our low subscription rates and get the most out of MuchLearning.org.

All users, upon registration, have a Free Account designed to provide the most basic level of service. With the Free Account, you will have full access a demo course. Take a look around and decide which subscription level works best for you.

How can I pay for my subscriptions?

You should first pay the fee specified in the pricing policy table. Once you get the receipt number, you can use it to extend your subscription. You can pay in one of two ways:

  1. Use PayPal. This is the easiest and fastest way. It allows credit card payments and debit card transfers.
  2. Make cheque payable to FastTrack Technologies Inc. and send it to the address specified in the Extend Membership page.

What if I have a question about the material?

You can email us questions through the Contact Us link, seen in the menu at the bottom of this page. A unique question ID is then assigned to every question in our database to help us locate your question(s). Refer to this ID when you have issues with the question itself. As for material and contents, we'll need you to report the chapter and section ID so that we can help you solve your problem more quickly. A forum is also set up to answer your requests. Furthermore, we are developing online that will allow us to answer your questions immediately.