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Testimonials From Students

"I love the fact that everything on MuchLearning is both viewable online and PDF downloadable, even the solutions to our workbook problems!"

— Graham Cunningham

“I felt the workbook questions with the solutions really helped me understand the concepts.”

— Chad Lojczyc

“The solutions to the questions were great!!! And much helpful.”

— Tanuj Patel

“Problem solutions are my favourite source!”

— Kody Knoblock

“Full solutions are great!”

— Anil Bharrat

“Use it. I too, was skeptical at first. But the more you work at it, the more you’ll take out. Try to get a prof to help you at 1:00 AM – MuchLearning is there.”

— Benjamin Cheung

“Very helpful tool, aids in learning material and reviewing for exams.”

— Jonathon Thompson

“The quizzes are helpful and lots of extra practice was helpful.”

— Nathan Prosko

“The forum on MuchLearning is a great place to get help with difficult assignment questions.”

— Anonymous

“The tools MuchLearning provided allowed me to establish a considerably stronger grasp on the material than using the conventional methods of only a textbook.”

— Thomas Ziegler

“MuchLearning helps a lot and allows for easy access to help. It gives us lots of practice.”

— Craig Slepicka

“I feel that MuchLearning allowed me to succeed in my midterm.”

— Joseph Bjerkseth

“The midterms testify to the effectiveness of MuchLearning as a learning tool.”

— Brandon Seutter

“The system is efficient and works.”

— Dustin Durand